News @en 29/06/2017


 A rediscovery of the past in images and colors with a look at contemporary interior design, a collection designed to add a special and refined charm to your home.

WB-8020-2-02 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)   WB-8020-2-26 WHITE (FILEminimizer)  WB-8020-2-26 BLACK (FILEminimizer)WB-8020-2-07 ORANGE (FILEminimizer)  WB-8020-2-02 GREEN (FILEminimizer)WB-615-1-26 SENAPE (FILEminimizer)    WB-615-1-02 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)WB-8023-1-07 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer) TLG-615-1-26 SENAPE (FILEminimizer)TLG-615-1-02 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)   TL-8023-1-07 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)  TL-8020-2-07 ORANGE (FILEminimizer)  TL-8023-1-46 GREEN (FILEminimizer)SF-8023-1-46 GREEN (FILEminimizer) SF-8023-1-07-02 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)  SF-8020-2-02-07 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)SF-8020-2-02-07 ORANGE (FILEminimizer) SF-615-1-26 SENAPE (FILEminimizer)  SF-615-1-02 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)  PL-8023-3-07 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer) PL-8023-3-46 GREEN (FILEminimizer)  PL-8023-5-07 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)  PL-8023-5-46 GREEN (FILEminimizer) PL-8020-3-07 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)  PL-8020-3-07 ORANGE (FILEminimizer)  PL-8020-2-07 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer) PL-8020-2-07 ORANGE (FILEminimizer)  PL-615-2-02 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)  PL-615-2-26 SENAPE (FILEminimizer) PL-615-3-02 TIFFANY (FILEminimizer)  PL-615-3-26 SENAPE (FILEminimizer) PL-8029-3-26 GOLD+BLACK (FILEminimizer)PL-8029-3-02 CHROME+WHITE+GREEN (FILEminimizer)L-8025-10+10-41 (FILEminimizer)         

LA LAMPADA S.R.L. Viale dell’Industria, 4/b - 20037  Paderno Dugnano - Milano (Italy) – P.I. IT00821900966

+39 02 990 459 83