Modern SERIE 50


Series 50. This collection is the result of an idea for a simple elegant lamp that would fit perfectly into any kind of
room and would stand out for its many refined finishes: from the most daring to the most classic, maniacal attention
has been paid to even the smallest detail.
The whole series is made entirely from solid wood dried for 10 days in a special oven to eliminate any tension from
the living, natural material that is wood, to stop it from warping in time or with changes in temperature.
The choice of the light source also plays a crucial role in giving this lamp its very eye-catching elegance, with dissipated
230v LEDs and special kinds of aluminium specifically studied and tested to reduce heat on both the LEDs
and the structure in wood.
To give this article and its illumination even more prestige, the light is then filtered through glass that has been tempered
and sand-blasted on both sides.


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